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Proweedsmoker 3rd March 2011 22:03

Guide my build please!
So, its been many years since I posted last, and you guys helped me build a computer that has blazed through every game on the market for years. Now though, shes beat up and getting worn out and over-run, its time to do it once more.

Only problem is, I'm completely lost in the new age, and am searching for advice from the pros!

Currently the rig is:

Intel e8400 OC@ 3.2 on air.
MSI P7N Platinum MB w/ 8gigs random gamer ram I forgot the name of @ 2.1v
XFX 9800 GTX+ Black Editions in SLI ( Though I think one card is going :( )
Corsair HX 1000w PSU
2x Raptor HD's, CD/DVD etc..,
Win7 x64 Pro.

Im looking to stray away from SLI, it was fun, but honestly, I couldn't tell a difference back then, not an extra 450 buck difference anyway lol. Nvidia is a must. Intel chipset would also be prefered, but not a must.

So, what combo of a MB / Ram / GFX card would you guys recommend? Will a new setup even be noticeable w/ 1 GFX card? I'm pretty sure that's a rhetorical question, but worth an ask. I'm a gamer, and a gamers worst enemy is lag!

Budget is open, but 1500 bucks is out of the question, lol!
Edit to add.. I dont need any Xtreme processors, or major major rendering design stuff, just an extra solid gamer rig for 2011.

Help a brother out!


Proweedsmoker 4th March 2011 11:52

Well, I was doing some thinking last night and figured I would go ahead and upgrade the GFX card 1st.

Went ahead and overnighted the EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked card from newegg. Hoping that will provide some gain from what I have now.

That new card got me thinking tho, that it will be bottlenecked by the CPU. The e8400 wolfdale still has the best and most feedback on newegg, so I hope it will not bottleneck the card to much...

Still hunting for an affordable, yet aggressive MB+CPU+Ram combo to unleash the card soon.

leeghoofd 6th March 2011 08:30

wow, you directly went for the big card. I would have suggested a 560 or 570videocard.

For the mobo : P6P67 vanilla or pro
CPU : 2300 or 2400 S1155 CPU (if possible buy a cheap aftermarket cooler)
Ram : 4gb 1600mhzCL9

That would be a killer setup , blowing ya previous system of it socks...

wtourist 8th April 2011 01:10

Sandy Bridge
You need a P67 motherboard to over clock, and a I5 2500K CPU.
DDR3 is reasonably priced.
If you are not going to overclock the CPU the H67 motherboards are fine, even an I3 2100 rig would work well, though an I5 2300 or 2400 is better.
P67 board about $160 (US) 2500K $225 (US).
2100 IS 2 Core Hyperthreading, locked. 2500K is unlocked 4 Core, best for gaming. 2600K 4 Core with Hperthreading and +100 MHz.
2300, 2400, 2500 locked 4 cores.

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