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rharris7781 17th October 2009 21:37

Intro - GTS 250 HDMI Audio?

I recently purchased a GTS 250. I am trying to connect the S/PDIF audio cable from the card to my motherboard (Intel DX38BT), and having a little trouble getting the HD Audio to work. I have attached the cable as directed by the GTS 250 documentation that came with the video card to the card, but I am not sure if it is connected correctly to my mobo. The HD Audio Link has 15 pins, and the cable has 2 female connectors. I have consulted the online documentation for the motherboard as well, and it didn't help much (Unable to post link to documentation, but if you google "intel Dx38bt user manual" its the top link). I am, of course, running an HDMI cable from my 32" HD TV\LCD to the HDMI port on the card. I am running Windows 7, and have made sure that the S/PDIF is my default audio. If I perform a test with Windows 7 as you might guess nothing plays. The volume is up and the TV is not on mute. I appreciate any assistance or advice you might have. I am really trying to find out which of the 2 pins on the 15 pin audio link I need to use.



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