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septimus 6th June 2002 21:33

If you have yet to take advantage of this feature, read this article and then take the plunge:

1) Enable APIC in your BIOS
2) Boot from the Win XP CD (Should apply to Win2K)
3) When you get the "Press F6 if you need to..." (the SCSI driver prompt) press F5 instead
4) In the menu that comes up shortly after, scroll up with the arrow keys and choose "ACPI Uniprocessor PC"
5) Setup will ask if you want to use the Advanced System Recovery Console or install Windows XP, choose to install Windows XP
6) It will then tell you it found a previous installation on your disk and offer to repair it, choose this option (press R)
7) XP will get reinstalled with the new HAL and preserve everything else

Windows XP will not automatically detect and install the "ACPI Uniproessor PC" HAL by deafult sometimes or if you dont have it enabled, you must specify it during installation.
You may experience an increase of about 100-500 or more points in 3DMark2001 SE, your HDDs will somehow work much faster (esp. if u are running software or hardware RAID) when loading files, and you will suddenly not have any devices sharing IRQs now that you have 22(!) IRQs for your devices under APIC mode.

I have completed the above procedure without a hitch, but I have had some reports of BSOD during the reinstall process.

Notably, this is a feature common to nForce, KT266A, KT333 chipsets and multi-processor systems.

My experience with this is VERY positive, my 3DMark2001 score using the nForce IGP went from 2200's to 2600's. Windows works faster too. Give it a shot.

jASjE 6th June 2002 21:37

Impressive stuff..
every little bit helps :D

TerAngreal 6th June 2002 21:38

nice tip ... when time/experiences prove this one usefull, you'll surely be able to say you made yourself a sticky on the [M] forums ! :D

(giving it a go in about ... 18 days :( )

DUR0N 6th June 2002 21:45

so not for older motherboards? Like an MSI 5169 (alladin 5 chipset)?

septimus 6th June 2002 21:52


Originally posted by DUR0N
so not for older motherboards? Like an MSI 5169 (alladin 5 chipset)?
possibly. your manual or your BIOS should have something about APIC in it. If it doesnt, well... ;p

RichBa5tard 6th June 2002 22:05

Thanks mate, if this stuff really works I can shoot for #1 on the ORB with a GF DDR.

Worth giving a shot. Current result (non oc'ed): 3740 marks.

DUR0N 6th June 2002 22:08

blast! only APCI...totaly different ;)

Gamer 6th June 2002 22:11

did a clean install with that tip, see if it works.
mobo is Abit TH7IIR.
keep you all posted :)

thx mate...

jmke 6th June 2002 22:14

thanks for the :super: info! :)

Normally ACPI is installed by default first time you install 2000/XP if the hardware is capable

ACPI worked since (and way before) KT133A etc
but on those motherboards using ACPI and a SB Live! soundcard results in lock-ups/crackling sounds/corrupt files etc etc
disabling ACPI was the only way to make the SB live! (semi-)work with the KT133(A)

since then I installed all my workstations as

but normally since the KT266(A) and Abit KG7(with AMD761 chipset) those problem will not occur anymore

I still have to test if there is a BIG difference between the 2 modes ;)

septimus 6th June 2002 22:56

APIC and ACPI are not the same thing. Why not have a look thru the article in my first post?
ACPI means Advanced Computer and Power Interface, whereas
APIC means Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller.

I just knew someone would confuse the two heh, both acronyms have the same letters :^D

Some more info:

When you choose to enable APIC, you might also have the choice of MPS version that goes with APIC. I chose 1.4, you will be able to choose between 1.1 and 1.4 :D

have fun!

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