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jmke 10th April 2010 18:08

Get fancy with power metering: Flukso

Just installed this nifty package to measure power consumption at the mains coming into the house. Over time I think I'll be able to spot when Core i7 load testing starts :D

wutske 10th April 2010 18:45

Which device do you need to do that ?

jmke 10th April 2010 19:54

follow the linkie :D

wutske 10th April 2010 23:46

ah, found it ... a Fluksometer :p

Gotta remember this for when I leave home (or maybe even earlier so I can check the power consumption in my room :-p )

jmke 11th April 2010 00:28

if you want to measure power at wall outlet, better get a €15 power meter from your local Brico :D

wutske 11th April 2010 10:49

I have 5 wall sockets in use atm and about 16 devices are connected to them, so a single €15 won't do (plus those aren't as fancy as a Fluksometer :-p )

jmke 11th April 2010 10:54

and a fluksometer won't be able to measure your room's power usage ;-)

wutske 11th April 2010 12:24

Why wouldn't it work for my room ? It's just a matter of attaching the current clamp on the cable leaving the fuse box :)

piotke 11th April 2010 20:04

Nifty gadget, but 60 euro + vat + shipping is kinda expensive for me atm :)

jmke 11th April 2010 21:39

yes wutske, you are correct, that should work.
@Piotke: worth the investment if it helps you reduce overall costs by being able to keep an eye on your consumption

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