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Railz 12th February 2005 13:34

geforce fx 5200 vs. nvidia geforce 6600 gt

currently I'm owning a geforce fx 5200 128 MB. but now I want to upgrade to a nvidia geforce 6600 GT 128 MB. The price is approximately 215 Euro.

My question: can you advise me to buy this 6600 gt? So will i see a lot of difference in games?

system: intel p4 2.6 Ghz and 512 mb ram.

I've also seen another version of this card: the nvidia geforce 6600 DV ? what's up with that cause I don't trust the DV :s


Da_BoKa 12th February 2005 13:58

yes! you will have a nice boost from the upgrade, the 6600gt is an mid range gfx and your current fx5200 is actually a "desktop" card, sot suited for games!

got a link from that DV?

Railz 12th February 2005 14:19

Nope, lost the link sorry.

but can you give me an example in fps for let's say doom III or half-life 2.

I can give you the fps for my doom 3 settings:

medium quality

I get about 33 fps with my fx 5200. Can you say approximately how much fps I will get with that 6600 GT?

I'm just curious how much the boost will be with this upgrade.

thx, greetz

Da_BoKa 12th February 2005 14:31

yes I can :)

The Senile Doctor 12th February 2005 14:31

over 100%

you'll be playing it at 1024*768 hi quality

Railz 13th February 2005 00:10

Thx for your reactions.

but maybe still one problem. My power supply is only 300 watt. will this be any problem with this new 6600 GT? I have connected a dvd writer, dvd-rom, floppy, and geforce fx 5200 now. So the only change will be the 6600 GT. but will this be enough? If I have to buy a new power supply, is there a difference between supplies for ide or sata? just in case.... ;)

Is there maybe a program wich tells you how much your power supply is? don't think sisoft sandra 2005 has this feature...

and i have read something about a mole x connector that is needed because agp doesn't have enough juice for this card. is the mole x connector included with the card? and is it difficult to install?



[Bonbon] 13th February 2005 10:12

should be no problem

Da_BoKa 13th February 2005 11:21

it depends, how many hard drives do you have?

The 6600GT is no power beast, but still!
What brand is your psu, if it is a cheap no name psu you probaly have to forget it!

Railz 13th February 2005 12:24

yeah maybe I should order another psu, cause this one I bought together with my case and it wasn't expensive :)

thx for your help all.


Wired 21st March 2005 07:51

The 6600GT AGP does need to be connected to your PSU via a molex connector. 400 watts is more the norm nowdays for PSUs and having a spare PSU around is advisable.

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