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jakkerd 7th June 2002 16:35

g4 aopen te betrouwen?
oo heilige hardware goeroes,
aanhoort mijn gebeden:

is Aopen als vid-kaart-merk te betrouwen?

want bij forcom doen ze mij een voorstel om de aopen g4 ti4200 128mb (met korting) te pakken.
de gainward kan nog een tijdje op zich laten wachten.

andere optie is xfx te nemen, ma daar hebbek nog nooit van gehoord


is aopen a trustworthy vid-kaart-company?

i'ce got an offer to buy an aopen g4ti4200 128mb with a reduction,
instead of the gainward one, i ordered.

another option is the xfx-card, but i've never heard of xfx before.

The Senile Doctor 7th June 2002 16:45

try it out, and we'll know it too.
if you really wanna know... post in english, maybe some dudes from overseas know those cards better than we do...
they follow reference design, wouldn't worry bout it too much, but chances are they won't overclock gainward-style

Bosw8er 7th June 2002 16:51

Most GeForce 4 cards give the same results.
There's only a difference in die-hard-OC-ing and features/bundles.

Guess it's OK, specially when it's cheap.

jakkerd 8th June 2002 01:12

very well,
if all goes good, i''l have one on monday.

i'd say i would keep you informed on the boost in performance,
but i can't.
3d mark 2001 won't even run at the moment.
so even a score of 2000 would be an improvement (witch offcourse isn't e'nuff)

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