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Sidney 14th November 2007 23:07

Far Cry Demo 2
Screen Freezes; Tried 7900GS, 7600GT, 8500GT

No matter what screen resolutions as low as 800x600
No matter what settings; all lows

It varies, sometimes it goes for half 30 minutes or less than 5.

Sidney 15th November 2007 04:31

Got it working, 800x600 and all settings to "low". Must be the Demo version.

jmke 15th November 2007 09:56

there is a demo of FC2 out already? do you have a link?

Sidney 15th November 2007 16:22

2nd Demo; Farcry demo 2 :)

jmke 15th November 2007 18:04

tss tss tss! false hope, change topic title :p

Sidney 17th November 2007 06:59

Heck with FarCry demo, into Crysis and have no problem.:) Frame rate is decent using 7900GS (OC'ed), even the 8500GT @800x600 medium for some is playable (tolerable)

jmke 17th November 2007 13:51

High/Very High settings are framerate killers;)

Wrigleyvillain 20th November 2007 17:41

Huh? What? Where?

jmke 20th November 2007 18:30

Far Cry 1 demo 2 :)

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