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BadDisciple 16th October 2012 22:55

The eternal Mac versa PC question!
Hi folks,

I'm here to possibly get precious info as I'm at the point to decide to make a step to
add the Mac world to my Windows world. I've been working for 15 years with PCs
for which I got skilled to a point to assemble them myself, buying the best components
and putting all together + installing, re-installing etc. So, I know myself as a fish in
the water with Windows. The only hick is that I'm fed up with these strange bugs
coming from the architecture of the system, or the slowness from the Antivirus checking
every single bite, and also that I need to re-install everything from scratch peridocally
to have my system fit.

I am a musician, I work with audio, often on extended processing levels.
It's welknown that most professionals work on Macs. But I've got few valuable (?)
arguments against:
1.Small Macs are not better than a powerfull PCs for even less the price.
2.To have a powerful Mac you need to invest serious money.
3.One can touch NOTHING on a Mac, no control, no re-installation, no freedom to use
whatever software you want etc. Doesn't one become an adicted slave of a Mac ?...
4.It's not excluded that a Mac frozes too, as it even happened in the hands of
Holy Steve...
5. Is it sure that Windows installed on a Mac will be as stable as the proper Mac
OS and software?

So, it's the stability of the system that is in question. The architecture of a Mac seems
to me better made as it doesn't sit on layers but everything goes directly to the "brain" centre.
Right or wrong?

Any opinions on that would be very hepful.

Bad Disciple
Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz, 4MB L2 cache;
320 GB HDD, 2 external x1TB HDDs
Windows XP Pro

BadDisciple 17th October 2012 23:28

Hail folks,
Now I'll resume all the info I got from everywhere I posted the thread.
1. Macs are well made machines for people who don't want to (or can't) mess with computer skills.
2. Concerning power, Mac and Windows machines don't really differ when care is taken for it.
3. Mac machines however are reported to be stable by excellence for their architectural concept.
4. Never the less, there's quite lesser software for Macs that one can find around.
5. Same level pre-built Mac and Windows machines have a noticeable price difference.
6. Macs are not really strong for games (but then how are they strong for video production?).
7. Mac products have nice design (but... one should not buy important stuff only with the eyes!)
8. Mac keyboards are anything but ergonomic.
9. Apple has made it to create a "psychosis" in the sense that once you buy a Mac you are
driven by "attraction" and the "sweet addiction" to pay and buy more options and gadgets,
and... iProducts... (I've heard people say "I am addicted to my Mac products", that seems
not to be the case in Windowsland.)

A conclusion seems to be that one should test both types of machines while considering:
- Recognizable stability with Mac machines against often bugging/freezing Windows ones;
- Need of periodical re-formatting/re-installing as a must for Windows machines, not for Macs;
- No quite need for Anti-virus or 'Internet security suites' for Macs against an "obligation" to
have them on Windows (and the Windows slowness caused by them).
- Polyvalence of Windows against a "totalitarian" narrow software field for Mac;

Please tell me if I'm missing or mistaking any important points.

Thanks again.

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