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jmke 24th April 2003 23:04

Eluminx Keyboard


World’s First Illuminated PC-Keyboard

Offering multiple possibilities for consumers and professional users / After huge success in the USA now establishing European distribution network

Hannover, March 12, 2003

Its first presentation to the world was recently celebrated at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas: EluminX, the first PC-Keyboard with internal luminescence in sapphire blue or aquamarine lighting. Now this innovation – which immediately proved to be a huge success in the US – is also available in Europe. The initial presentation will take place in Hannover at CeBit from March 12-19, 2003, hall 25, booth D25-2.

The EluminX keyboard and its keys remain totally visible for the user in low-lit workspaces or even total darkness. It helps reduce the glare from task lighting as well as it eases eyestrain. Thus, the keyboard is equally attractive for consumers and professional users. Not only late-night web surfers or LAN-Party participants but everybody working on a computer under low amount of light will benefit from the illumination. “It can be utilized in all types of low-light environments such as hospitals or industrial rooms which have to be dimmed“, says Jeff Walden, Chairman and CEO of Auravision LLC, San Juan Capistrano, California/USA, who has the exclusive worldwide distribution and sales rights for this patented technology.

More pictures here:

Thanks to Auravision , [M]adshrimps will soon bring you a review of this fine looking piece of hardware!

FreeStyler 24th April 2003 23:22

So far I've seen a laptop sized lighted keyboard.
this is a reduced version.

We're getting close.

I'm still going to LED my logitec.

Syco 25th April 2003 19:41

nice, but what's the pricetag on this one?

jmke 28th April 2003 23:56

should come close to 100€
those are the prices mentioned in US shops.

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