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webscripter 3rd October 2004 12:11

dual(tripple,...) boot with physical switch
I searched high and low for a boot manager that has a physical switch feature. By this I mean something that detects the position of a switch and then boots the appropriate OS. My wireless keyboard for some reason doesn't work in dos and I still wan't to be able to choose and it would look quite slick. I know this exists because I saw a mod once where someone put a pc in half linux/ half windows cd box and depending on the position of the box it would boot linux/windows.

To make a long question short, which boot manager to use that has a physical switch option?

jmke 3rd October 2004 12:59

webscripter 3rd October 2004 17:36

tnx for the effort but it needs to switch between partitions and not between hdd's. I know it's possible because it has been done. Also, i want to make my own switch because i don't have any drives left (damn those vapo's :ws: )

jmke 3rd October 2004 17:38

"it has been done"

where? link?

DUR0N 3rd October 2004 19:08


Originally posted by jmke
"it has been done"

where? link?

If he would have that link, then why would he ask for info? :)

webscripter 3rd October 2004 19:31

i saw it once, i don't remember where and the poster of the casemod didn't say where he got it or what the name was

jmke 3rd October 2004 19:37

it would be cool to control the boot manager & the parititions on your HDD through a switch, but doesn't sound very plausible...

easypanic 3rd October 2004 19:43

Especially the partitions part, you can't acces those through a switch I presume...

webscripter 3rd October 2004 19:49

i guess there's some kind of boot manager that can read if you put something on the com port or something like that

RichBa5tard 3rd October 2004 20:05

It's possible (and easy) if you use different drives for each OS. Simply make a switch between the powerconnector of the drives, so only one of them is powered on at boot.

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