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Blue_Boy 22nd July 2004 00:19

Do pentium 4's downclock when they are hot?
That's basicly my question.
Me and my buddy had a heated up discussion about great laptops that where buyable for 875, and downclocking P4's.
Now i said that P4's clocked themself down when heating up (failing fan for exemple), and AMD's didn't.
well, he said it was just the other way round.
But i'm pretty sure my point was correct because i read an article (wich i found on the MS news list) where it was tested if an P4 would survive if it was left without fan.
i think it did

so you toughts and facts on this please...

BlackRabbit 22nd July 2004 00:31

Nowadays, both the Intel's and AMD do.

I believe AMD was the first to implement it, but Intel was the first to implement it correctly :)

In other words: Intel was the first who had it working fine (it's been like that since a long time btw)

Sidney 22nd July 2004 00:39

You're correct, your friend is not.;)

There is more from

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