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jmke 12th February 2004 20:52

CRT vs TFT clarity
You are destroying your eyes peering at the CRT display all day I tell ya!

Expensive IIyama 19" CRT vs Cheapo Philips 15" TFT

same mail in Outlook, taken with same digicam at same distance, can you tell me which on is which? :)

Da_BoKa 12th February 2004 20:57

omg, is the difference that large, i'm glad i have a tft, before i had a very cheap 17"crt, it lasted for 4 years but the last months it got fuzzy

are those resolutions the same?

and dvi or analog on the tft?

TeuS 12th February 2004 21:01

got an 'old' 15" TFT here. one of the first models (belinea 10 15 20) with DFP, DVI avant la lettre. it cost 40.000BEF back in the days using it with a DFP => DVI adapter

it owns our samsung 17"TFT ... not only it's much sharper, the colors are better too

I once put the 17"TFT next to the 15", and got stunned how great the 15"TFT still was :)

jmke 12th February 2004 21:07

15" TFT has resolution is 1024x768
19" CRT optimal is 1280x1024
both connected to the same R9700 Pro on D-Sub

Tum0r 12th February 2004 21:11

Alright I'm still using a CRT 19"
What is a good tft for me and my low budget ?

But, isnt a tft good for surfing and a crt is good for gaming?

Vulk 12th February 2004 21:28

Huge difference, indeed. Just bought myself a second monitor, a 15inch crt.
Everything is low budget here, but I'm still verry happy with my main-monitor, a 17inch crt from phillips which costed about 500EUR a couple of years ago. I'm always working @1024*768@100hz which isn't bad imo.

BlackRabbit 12th February 2004 21:33

TFT = sharper pic


AngeluS 14th February 2004 14:57

Yeah i got myself a tft also a couple of weeks ago. and i don't want to use a crt anymore.
Too bad it's only crt in my school :-)

vegeta 15th February 2004 11:01

@Jmke are you using winXP?
If you are, have you enabled the special feature for tft's?
Display properties=>Appearance=>Effects
Then check: "Use the following method to smooth edges..."
and select cleartype

You'll get a sharper picture:D :king:

jmke 15th February 2004 12:17

re-read my first post :)

I'm complaining about the not sharpy-ness of the CRT :)

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