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BlackRabbit 16th January 2006 11:33

Club3D <> POV 7800GT
My 7800GT just arrived.

Unfortunately, I recieved a "Point Of View" instead of the Club3D I ordered.

Now I'm wondering: is there a measurable difference in speed/OC-ability between these two?

(BTW: I feel ripped off, as the POV is clearly cheaper but I payed the Club3D price :eek: )

jmke 16th January 2006 11:37

where did you order?

BlackRabbit 16th January 2006 11:43
The difference is ~20EUR!

Just sent a complaint letter (via their site).

jmke 16th January 2006 11:45

you should, because you have the right to send that piece back and get what you ordered!

you asked for Club3D and get POV ?? OMG!

that's like buying a BMW and getting a Mercedes

both are good, but it's just not what you asked for

BlackRabbit 16th January 2006 12:11

Problem: it'l cost me ~15EUR to send it back...

So I asked credit on my next purchase... Next mail will be a demand ;)

jmke 16th January 2006 12:46

yah, credit will be fine

about the 3D card, there are only a handfull of companies who alter the reference design from nVidia;

others might change the memory chips (putting higher rated than required on there)

but afaik both Club3D and POV use reference material; see if you can match GTX speeds with the POV, if so, you got yourself a winner.

187(V)URD@ 16th January 2006 22:10

POV is normally a better clocker then CLUB3D.
But you should or at because they can speak english and the are fast.
Didn't order at e-bug anymore for about 2years.

BlackRabbit 18th January 2006 16:20

First day, they didn't give me any credit.
Second day, they were 'generous' and gave me €10.
Third day (today) I finally recieved the total difference in credit (€19.74).

Too bad it had to take this long.

jmke 18th January 2006 16:57

good thing you followed this up closely, would they have credited you if you did not mention the mix up ?

BlackRabbit 18th January 2006 17:56

Not at all:


Wir haben Ihnen für die längerfristig nicht lieferbare Ware einen gleich- bzw. höherwertigen Artikel eines vergleichbaren Herstellers in die Bestellung aufgenommen, damit Sie die Ware schnellstmöglich erhalten. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.
Short: they did it to speed up order-delivery.

(this was their first reply)

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