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wutske 20th February 2007 22:21

Can't format partition
I'm going to re-install XP, so I need to put my data on another partition. THe problem is, I can't format the partition.

There's a whole story, so I'll try to keep it short.
At first, my hdd was partitioned like this:

2Gb FAT32
14Gb EXT2
Extended partition
14Gb EXT2
2GB swap

The bootmanager was LILO, but since I was about to remove the linux partitions, I did a fixmbr so I got the NTLDR back.

Then I started to remove every linux partition until I got this:

2Gb FAT32
30Gb Free Space

When I make a normal partition and I want to format it, I get 2 sorts of errors:

the formatting did not complete
The formatting did not complete because the medium is write protected
And when I check the properties of the partition, windows says it's EXT2 (it doesn't matter how many times I remove the partition).

BUT, when I make an extended partition and a logic partition in it, I can format it with no problem, but that's not what I'm looking for.

How can I solve this ???

piotke 20th February 2007 23:36

Start installing linux again. delete all partitions. Reboot. Install windows. Did the trick for me more then once.

wutske 22nd February 2007 17:28

Why didn't I think about that :rolleyes: . Booted kubuntu and fixed it using gparted. Fresh XP install is finaly up and running :D

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