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Tyrael 15th November 2011 07:50

Buying advice: Q9550
Since I can't post in the "Demand" of the sales forum, I'll ask here. I'm currently looking for a Q9550 or better CPU (lga775).

Thanks in advance.

leeghoofd 15th November 2011 09:34

I have a Q9950 mate, but I have no clue how much to ask for it...

Where do you live ?

Tyrael 15th November 2011 09:55

Ghent. It seems 80 euro's is a correct price for it, where do you live?

leeghoofd 15th November 2011 21:03

I'll try to hunt the CPU down :p if I find it I'll let you know asap...

Tyrael 15th November 2011 21:08

Well it would be great if you found it, i'd greatly appreciate it.

Tyrael 16th November 2011 12:47

Seems I've found another Q9550, and I can pick it up tomorrow. I think there is no need for your search anymore, but thanks!

leeghoofd 16th November 2011 14:15

it's laying in front of me :p

Have fun with the CPU

Tyrael 16th November 2011 14:18

Where are you from? I eventually can cancel the other buy, depending on the place where you live.

Tyrael 16th November 2011 21:18

Q9550 installed and BF3 is running much more smoother (from 25 fps on E6850 to 55-60 fps on Q9550)!

Thx leeghoofd!

leeghoofd 16th November 2011 21:24

Have fun man

add me ATCleeghoofd

Which GPU are you running ?

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