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Wolf2000me 14th February 2011 11:22

Build suggestion cpu + mobo

My brother asked me to build him a new system. Sadly I've been out of the HW world for something more than a year. I'm primarily looking for advice on the motherboard and cpu. He's likely not going to buy a very highend graphics card anyway.

I'm looking for a combination like my previous build, which I still happily use.
I then had a G0 Q6600 which I easily overclocked on stock cooling and almost stock vcore from 2.4 to 3.6 ghz. I used an Asus ROG mobo as well, which was expensive but worth it.

If anyone can push me in the right direction, by all means, go ahead :)


leeghoofd 14th February 2011 18:39

gaming purposes ? video encoding ? budget ?

Nice set :

P8P67 mobo
i5 2400 CPU
4Gb 1600Mhz C9 rams
GTX460 1Gb GPU...

or you give yours for a nice price and do the upgrade :)

Wolf2000me 15th February 2011 08:00

Mine is now 3 years old and still kicking, I must say that I'm not used to that. All my previous builds were hopelessly outdated in overall system performance after that time :)

His budget is rather average for a new system. It is supposed to be a gaming rig, but it's not like he's going to want to run everything on its max setting. The idea is that the system should be in good shape for a rather long while and not require a high maintainance.

But thanks, your suggestions are always good ;)

wtourist 21st February 2011 14:43

The Sandy Bridge are the top choice despite motherboard chip fiasco.
The 2500K is overclockable and best if affordable, unless you plan to run dual video cards the entry level motherboards are reasonable.
I would probably choose Gigabyte for their customer service.
Spending less you can get an AMD four core about $100 or a very fast possibly unlockable dual core for the same.
Asrock 890FX seems gamer preference.
If you are buying video card anyway an 870 chipset board might be better, I like the Gigabyte, obviously.
Hyper 212 plus is about best price/performance cooler now. If it fits your case.
Cases are as much visual appeal as price.
Quality psu 400 to 600 watts.
Some Controversy over CX430 , la, EA series (yes TP New or Neo HE better).

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