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Bluestrike 4th March 2010 16:58

Broken external drive, pc doesn't detect it.
My computer seems unable to detect my external HD.
I noticed in the past that when i only had a usb connection and no power, it had a flashing light and it no longer has this behavior so I think the hd works but the connection is somehow broken.

Its still under guarantee i guess (less then a year old) but there is alot of content on it.
I'm a amateur game developer and my entire texture library is on it, as well as a bunch of movies (wich is less legal :-P )

So if I turn it in and they simply get me a new one i'm not really helped.
Now my question is, is the HD inside a external HD just a regular one that I can plug into my pc if I remove the casing (and void my waranty)?

jmke 4th March 2010 17:03

brand & model?
most likely it's just a 2.5" or 3.5" SATA disk in there which you can hook up to your PC; don't see what else they might use

Bluestrike 4th March 2010 17:33

Guess I didn't bought this one at Tones can't find my bill for it :)

Its a Matrox 1.5 TB thats all i know about it :).

jmke 4th March 2010 18:21

looking at the specs of such a beast, the drives looks be a normal desktop model stuffed into an external housing, nothing more, nothing less.

let's just hope that the disk is still working... and that it's the external interface acting up


I'm a amateur game developer and my entire texture library is on it
I know this is too late, but in the future a copy of your texture library on there would be better.

Bluestrike 4th March 2010 18:27

hehe yeah its the only thing i lost that important, looked like a great idea at the time to have it in one place as I needed some space on my other hd's :-P

Looks like it migth be the HD and not the external connector after all, its not showing up now i plugged it to a sata connection. Its under disk manager (shijfbeheer) as a 3 gb hd, i'll try pluging it in my brothers pc first tomorrow before trying to initialize it and loose its content, I might have to start looking for a hd retriever tool :)

jmke 4th March 2010 19:09

in windows you might give "get databack for ntfs" a try
if that fails:
no promises though, if you hear a ticking noise , the head is damaged and it's pretty much game over, unless you have €500+ worth of textures on there;
if it doesn't work , but makes no noise, you might try the old "plastic baggie & in the freezer for a few hours" trick

btw, of course I know your maps, even played them too :D

Bluestrike 4th March 2010 19:58

Thanks, i'll figure something out :)

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