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RichBa5tard 22nd May 2003 23:59

Benchmarking tool for reviewers / diehard overclockers
I'm currently starting with a project and i'll need some [M]ad input. :)

I'm going to write a program that will make it much more pleasent for us to do some extensive benchmarking. Anyone who has written a review of motherboard/cpu/vidcard comparison knows that 80% of your time is consumed by running a benchmark program, writting down the results, importing them to an excell sheet and turning it into a good looking graph. This is a very timeconsuming and repetetive task, which can be automised.

My goal is to write a little app, that will allow you to select a few popular benchmarking tools (eg. UT2003 bench, Superpi, 3Dmark, ...), starts the first automaticly, extracts the results when done, closes it and starts with the next one. When all selected benches are finished, all the data is put into a snapshot-ready graph & into a text file (with delimiters, ready to be imported by excell). Saved results can be compared to other results, to make comparisons between different mobo's/vidcards/... easy.

In a nutshell:
- select the benchmarks you want to run
- select options (eg. 3D in low res to test CPU/Mobo)
- start. The app will run the selected benchmarks in sequence and extract the results.
- join the results in a premade graph (for quick screenshot) or output to a excell compatible .txt file for import.

That's it. It would be opensource java.

What i need from you guys?
* would you use (it if it ran perfectly)?
* which benchmark progs should be included? Remember the results have to be extracted somehow, this will not be easy in some cases. Also, there should be a way to start it immediatly (and not wait for user input).
* what kind of output other than specified do you want?
* other comments :)

Current version: MadMark alpha v0.01
- initial release
- no export, only pifast and 3Dmark01

Planned bugfixes for next release:
- app doesn't respond after pifast fixed 11/06 :)
- automatic copy of needed 3Dmark files fixed 11/06 :)
- correct dir check fixed 11/06 :)

Next release will be published asap, i'm just going to test it a few more times.

jmke 23rd May 2003 00:28

* Hell yeah I would use it!
* Serious Sam / Q3A (qbench springs to mind) / UT2003 / 3Dmark2k1 / SuperPi / Sisoft Sandra / Aquamark v2 (3 upcoming) / WinAce .. and more =)

RichBa5tard 23rd May 2003 00:55

Serious Sam => difficult to extract the results, are the average fps saved in a seperate file?
Q3A (qbench springs to mind) => same as SS
UT2003 => no prob
3Dmark2k1 => need to look into that
SuperPi => no prob
Sisoft Sandra => hmmm... dunno yet
Aquamark v2 (3 upcoming) => same as SS
WinAce => no prob

jmke 23rd May 2003 09:03

Qbench gives .txt in the end

Dial_Up 23rd May 2003 18:05

sounds like a great idea !

but hey, 3Dmark2003 is missing on the list...

and er, how do think to implent the options of 3Dmark like AA-> on/off in that program? (just thinking of the practical realisation)

RichBa5tard 23rd May 2003 18:20


Originally posted by Dial_Up
sounds like a great idea !

but hey, 3Dmark2003 is missing on the list...

and er, how do think to implent the options of 3Dmark like AA-> on/off in that program? (just thinking of the practical realisation)

True, that will be the hardest to implement. For starters, i don't know if you can start 3Dmark without having to click "benchmark".

I'll start with the easy programs first (those who can be started with one simple command and have their results set in a .txt file, eg. pifast), and move on to the harder benchmarkprogs later on.

RichBa5tard 23rd May 2003 18:26

alright, i've read the helpfile and it seems like 3D mark 2001 / 2003 will be no problem. :)

piotke 23rd May 2003 19:18

are you that good in programming ?

in what language are you going to write it ? C ?

RichBa5tard 23rd May 2003 19:20

Re: Benchmarking tool for reviewers / diehard overclockers

Originally posted by RichBa5tard
That's it. It would be opensource java.

Liquid3D 24th May 2003 03:33

So basically you would have to shut down all programs which may affect the bencmarks just like you do whrn, running 3DMark2003/2001SE, Serious Sam, Code Creatures, etc. Hor example adjusting disply options to diable vsync, and 1024x768, and just lert it run thorugh all the programs? But what if say you wanted to run Return to Castle " in 1200x1600 as well? Would you be able to program the sotware to make those display adjustments? I'm not asking for everything, I'm just curious how far you were going to take it? Man you could sell the program to review sites? Or will it be freeware? If so thank you, either way thank you. I think it'll be very useful, although as benchmarks become unpopular, will the program be capable of having it's parametters changed in that respect?

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