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JimmyJump 23rd December 2009 13:48

ASUS Maximus Minimus...
Don't know if there's other people around here who bought (or are going to buy) an Asus Maximus III Gene mATX P55 mobo, but I did, and it's faulty...

When I assembled my new PC after finally getting some DDR3 dual channel memory, I had dis-assembled and rebuilt my system about 7 times (trying different combinations in different cases) and when finally done, I just rammed the 2 memory sticks in slot 1 and 2 and bada-boom everything worked fine from the word 'Go'...

Yesterday, I installed Everest and did some benchmarks and then saw that I had the mem in slot 1 and 2 (single channel) instead of 1 and 3 (dual channel) so I switched a module from slot 2 to slot 3... And what happened? Nothing...

Seems that slot three on the mobo is faulty. When using that slot, either on its own or in combination with any other of the four slots, the PC boots, but stays in memory check status. Funny enough, a tiny red LED lights-up, indicating there's something wrong with the VGA SDRAM Boot...

Anyway, the mobo works just fine, as long as I don't use slot 3 of the memory...

I've contacted my retailer and will be getting a new mobo right after the holidays. I've also contacted Asus, in case this isn't a stand-alone happening and could be a default in the manufacturing process. Asus didn't respond yet, but for those who are going to buy such a mobo, make sure to test each and every memory slot ;)

jmke 23rd December 2009 13:53

good call, it does happen that a board is DOA or has some faults, maybe an incorrect connection on DIMM3

leeghoofd 23rd December 2009 18:49

Maybe the board doesn't like people from The city of Belgium

Leeghoofd runs and hides for cover :p

UltraVolta425 23rd December 2009 19:48


Maybe the board doesn't like people from The city of Belgium
As long as it likes people from the country of belgium, I'm happy. :naughty:
Didn't know Belgium was a city as well. :-p

And to JimmyJump: yeah, I had the same problem with a similar board... 4 DIMM slots, 2 of them faulty, didn't work at all. Oh well, I thought, 3 gig of ram is still quite enough for now. :)

leeghoofd 23rd December 2009 19:50

What city do you think I'm referrring to Ultra ? It's better if you translate direct to dutch makes it even easier :p

Hope you can RMA it quickly Jimmy

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