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Gowrilla 6th September 2004 14:15

Asus Geforce 6800GT 128MB Specs?
Anybody know the exact specs for the Asus V9999GT 128GDDR3?
The card isn't on the Asus website. A google search gave me confusing info. I suppose the specs are the same as an 6800GT, but only with 128MB RAM.

- Asus V9999GE 256 : 6800 350/1000 256 12pipes : 450 EUR

- Asus V9999GT 128 : 6800GT 350/1000 128 16pipes (I think?!?) : 375 EUR

I wonder wich one performs better (in Doom3 / HL2)?
Looking at the price point I think I'll go for the V9999GT, unless you guys tell me otherwise.

ssl6 7th September 2004 01:44

id hafta say the gt, with 16 pipes, but that seems odd to me for a gt to have less than 256mb memory.....althought textures would probly need a fair bit of memory, its hard to say which to go for, but i wud go for the gt

Gowrilla 9th September 2004 12:30

Ok, I have discovered the specs (because I bought one:)
Asus V9999GT 128 : 6800GT 350/700 128 16pipes

So, it's GPU clock is 25 MHz higher and has 4 more pipes compared to the plain 6800. All this for a 50 EUR price premium (plain 6800 is around 325 EUR).

A good buy? I don't know...

ssl6 9th September 2004 13:50

a 256 mb version might have been better, but itll beat the plain 6800

Gowrilla 9th September 2004 18:12

Did some doom3 testing with the timedemo.

Abit IC7-G
P4 3GHz

High quality 1600x1200 No AA : 53 fps
High quality 1024x768 No AA : 73 fps
High quality 1024x768 4x AA : 55 fps

AA on the 1600x1200 res did slow down the card a great deal. I gues AA needs a lot, and fast memory.

Of course I can't compare to the plain 6800 because I didn't have enough money to buy both :)

Let's do some gaming!

RichBa5tard 18th September 2004 21:13

The Asus 6800GT 128Mb is for sale at for only 311 euro. A steal!

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