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Aussie1001 13th July 2008 13:51

Assistance Required - what to upgrade for play the latest PC games
Hi guys after talking to one of the mods they susgested that i start here if i want to ask you guys about P.C's. I am think of upgrading my P.C, my parents bought it for me last year around august, however as i'm sure most of you know thats a long time in the world of computers, my current pc's specs are: (and tell me if you want any more info)
C.P.U 2.2 AMD 4200+
R.A.M 2 Gigabytes 667 mhz
7600 GT
ASUS M2n mx motherboard.
500 watt power supply

If you guys wouldn't mind could you advise me on what i should be looking at to play the next gereration of games, i dont want something that's gonna cost me heaps either, i'd rather keep it cheap and if possible utilise parts from my current one.
Aussie 1001

jmke 13th July 2008 16:13

Hey Aussie, :hello: welcome the forums.
Your CPU and RAM is sufficient for current/next-gen games, as is the 500W PSU.
Your motherboard is PCIe based so that's a good deal.

Currently the best value/performance product is the ATI Radeon HD 4850, so try to find one near you at a decent price ($150)

Aussie1001 14th July 2008 11:42

Ok thanks for that, got enough cash to buy one so i will ask around and get a good price for one, B.T.W i want a new moniter where to start ?

jmke 14th July 2008 13:14

this is a good place to start your search:

Aussie1001 15th July 2008 12:31

Thanks mate

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