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The Senile Doctor 6th September 2002 22:19

anybody bought a radeon 9700 pro yet?
which brand, and how does it clock?
I'm back home, and after three full months of [H]-spending stop, i wanna know how these beasts work

since nvidia30 based solutions won't be showing up until februari 2003, this ati should be what's needed to work thru the game-onslaught end this year.

jmke 7th September 2002 05:27

they are not available yet
9000 Pro will be arriving @ the shops first

biCker 7th September 2002 08:27

hehe, i can correct dze webmastah here(for this once ;) ), at tones they should be available...

The Senile Doctor 7th September 2002 10:20

I have just ordered one from tones, if poosible i'll pic it up this afternoon, only card I have left is the mx440 we'll be giving away soon.

PlayboY 7th September 2002 12:18

you're still in for a though ride :

1st : fake :rolleyes:
2nd: P4 3917 + GF 4 ti4600
3rd : p4 3624 + R9700
4th : calentak in a few days :)
5th : 3361 + r9700

The Senile Doctor 7th September 2002 13:07

well, it's here, no 2.66/2.8 though :( , so that'll have to wait.

I can try probably tomorrow or tuesday with the radeon,
I can go with a 3.2 ghz and the radeon, that should get me arount 18 k I hope.
we'll see.

The Senile Doctor 7th September 2002 17:06

radeon doesn't seem to wanna work :-(

I formatted and reinstalled xp with the 9700 and everything went fine.
installing the catalysts on the cd as well as the official ones results in black screen and reboot...
anybody have any clues??

Gamer 7th September 2002 18:43

that card is a Club 3D ?
try the drivers on their website :

I orderd one yesterday after your email :)
A powercolor at Germany for 489, It's a BBA.

good luck, keep us posted.

Bosw8er 7th September 2002 20:54


There's only ONE goal ... ONE ...


The Senile Doctor 7th September 2002 21:06

sadist = bosw8er

this card is utterly dead.
and the 2.66 I wanted won't be in for another two weeks.

Could've been above 18000 now too...


I am bored with bad hardware that never even works ???

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