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Pistons 30th August 2006 20:42

Antec P180 and PSU choice
I'm planning to buy an Antec P180, but after some research on the internet I found out many PSU cables are incompatible with the design of this case. Many ATX or 4-pin cables cannot reach their connectors. Can you P180 owners tell me what PSU you are using ?

Incompatible PSU's I found so far:
-OCZ Modstream
-Hiper Modular

Compatible PSU's:
-OCZ Powerstream ?

jmke 30th August 2006 20:42

Antec PSU's? ;)

Pistons 30th August 2006 20:49

After reading to much negative comments on Antec PSU's, I'm not too keen on using them. :/

Kougar 31st August 2006 23:48

Actually, you should find out the real story behind those PSU problems, since it sounds like you are referring to all the Antec/Asus issues. Read this ;)

Info is in my sig, but the catch is, you should not be asking how long the cables are until you have the exact motherboard you want. The cable length is only a problem if the 4/8 pin connector is located at the very top of the motherboard, or the main power cable is instead. In my case with the DS3 the 4pin connector is in the absolute worst spot possible, directly above the CPU cooler, but the NeoHE just manages to reach.

The only Antec PSUs I would recommend anymore would be the NeoHE line... but I'd say the same of any other Active PFC/efficient branded PSUs too.

Pistons 4th September 2006 17:14

I have found a very interesting PSU for my P180: Corsair HX520W
I have heard it was designed with the P180 in mind.

The problem is these are fairly new on the market and hard to find. Does anyone know a shop who sells these ?

Kougar 5th September 2006 00:37

You can find the P180 and P180B anywhere.

As for the Corsair PSU:

Four sites have it, one of them Newegg ;)

Pistons 5th September 2006 16:50

Thanks, but I'm looking for shops located in EU.

Maybe this one will do:

jmke 5th September 2006 21:37

the Corsair is a very good PSU, excellent feedback from testers on that one.

blueswords 7th September 2006 15:16

I wouldnt recommend Antec PSU or any other brand PSUs made by CWT ; just take a look what'll happen to Fuhjyyu caps at :)
NeoHE's and the Corsair would be good, both are made by Seasonic which makes pretty good PSU's. I'm not so sure about the Hiper (dont know who makes them) and personally I dont like PSUs from Topower, but I think the new OCZ GameXtreme made by FSP Group should be good as well. Just be shure you dont go after PSU's that have too much depth, or you'll have to remove the fan in front of the PSU.

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