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dissabled 27th September 2008 02:14

Advice on VGA card & PS

Have just joined the forum & look forward to being part of it.

This is a re-post that I placed on the welcome page.

I currently own an old Athlon 2000Xp, 512mb Kingston Ram, GA-7VAXP mobo, leadteak MX400 64mbVGA. Has served me well as I am not a mad gamer, just like the occassional old game.

However, I have started the upgrade path & have set my targets, & will hopefully be able to get the remainder of what is needed over the next few months.

Whilst I will be doing some gaming, my main focus will be towards video editing & photoshop work. As a start I have obtained the fllowing items that will form a large part of my new desk, or under desk computer.

I chose the case owing to price & that all the main controls are at the top, & as I have back issues, for me it was an ergonomic choice as welll as clutter clearance & plenty of cooling.

Parts obtained so far.
Antec Nine Hundred 900 Gaming Case,
Corsair 2meg kit CL4 800 DDR 2 ram (2 more to get) This ram has now dropped by half in price, so another 2meg is to had.
Galaxy Geforce 9800GT 512 Hybrid Power

I am looking at the following parts to complete PC
Mobo GA-EP45DS3
Intel Core Duo 8400 or Quad 6600
2xPioneer DVD burners
2x 3.5" SATA 750GB 32MB Samsung HDD
Vista Home Premiun
550watt PS.

I obtained the Galaxy Card at an excelllent price & has since increased in price & as it was also over $100.00 than the equivelant 8800gt at the cheapest price point of any brand.

So far I have not seen any reviews of this card, whilst all have tended to be reviewing the O/clocked versions or the Asus model just reveiwed here on Mad Shrimps.

Is there anyone out there that could give me a run down on that card, or even a review by Mad Shrimps. I have only heard good reports on Galxy cards, so a reason for the purchase?

Likewise I come to the Power Supply, I note that Antec reccomend their supplies for some unknown reason! But, in trying to look at other power supplies & read reviews, there is one bit of information lacking & that is the length of connectors.

I have read where some have been caught out by the bottom mount of the PS in the Antec case as well as other similar styled cases, with bottom mounting for PS. I would certainly like to see this aspect mentioned in PS reviews to mention if they are suitable or not.

As with the request on the Galaxy card, I would appreciate some advice in regard to the PS.

Many Thanks

leeghoofd 21st December 2008 12:57

I have run into trouble doing some cable hiding with the Antec 900... Indeed the PSU mounted down below can make it a bit harder to reach the top 4/8 pin connector...

But you can always buy an extension kit like in the link ( about 20CM gained )

Silverstone ATX extension kit

For the PSU I'm pretty happy with the OCZ Stealth and ModXtream PSU's , they don't cost an arm and a leg and have 3 years warranty... think 600watt around 75-85 euro's (with beefy amps for the ModXtream)

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