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septimus 23rd June 2002 06:54

Abit AT7 or KX7?
I need your help choosing between these two excellent boards. The AT7 has quite the onboard equipment, and the KX7 seems to be slightly faster especially when overclocked.

If you wanted to choose between them, what would be the deciding factor? ???

biCker 23rd June 2002 08:39

I'd take the kx7 (less onboard stuff, better for oc purposes)

djXsane 23rd June 2002 12:08

i've chosen the kx7, and love it :)
but if you want all the extra stuff onboard (usb 2.0, audio) for the extra 50.......
keep in mind that all you're equipment on the at7 will have to be usb-devices (keyboard, printer, mouse,...)
so no lpt1 port to hook up an lcd :( , or you'll have to buy an extra pci card
the kx7 is slightly better for oc-purposes at high fsb

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