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Proweedsmoker 27th June 2008 17:43

9800 GTX BE PSU SLI Question
So, I have a 9800 GTX BE (Black edition) and seeing how gthe price has droped so much in the past few weeks, I would like to get myself another to SLI.

My question is how much PSU will I need to keep everything running smooth. Just rebuilt the PC abotu a month ago and got a OCZ 750w Sli rdy PSU.

Now seeing the GFX uses 2x 6pin connecters, Im curious will this 750w be enuff to SLI the cards.

Any input or advice would be much help.


(System specs: 8400@3.4, MSI P7N Plat. OCZ 750Psu, Vistax64+sp1, OCZ 8gigs sli ready ram@2.1v)

jmke 27th June 2008 18:00

750W is sufficient for SLI with 9800GTX,

Proweedsmoker 27th June 2008 18:04

TY very much kind sir. Now to hope the gain from the SLI will be noticable and worth the 230bucks hehe.

Will post with new 3dmark scores when I get it : )

jmke 28th June 2008 02:09

Triple SLI I do know will not pass :)

Proweedsmoker 2nd July 2008 09:49

Ok so, my 2nd card should be in soon, and I come to beg advice yet again.

So, I have 2x HD's in my computer. One running vista ultimate w/ Sp1 and one running XP HE Sp3.

So, Im not really looking to OC the cards any, and my core is already done. Im looking for advice on what OS to use for the best preformace from my rig.

Vista or XP- All I do is game and watch movies.

Second question is, among all the beta and forceware drivers out there, what would you recommend to give my GPU's what they need to, version wise. There is soooo many : (

And lastly, My MB came with 1x Sli link, but my cards have room for 2x- Will I need 2 links or will 1 do? Again, I only have 1 atm.

TY very much for all you help you have given me thus far,


jmke 2nd July 2008 10:14

- XP still offers best gaming experience, faster at same IQ
- the latest official forceware drivers should do nicely; don't go beta unless you don't care about stability ;)
- 1xSLI bridge is enough for SLI. The second connector is for Tri-SLI config only

Proweedsmoker 3rd July 2008 18:24

Ok, small problem atm. Installed the card on lunch break and come to find out, I dont have enuff power connecters to use 2x 6pin's per card. Even with converting the 4pins into the 6. Making 2x 6 pins leaves me without 2x 4 pins for the CD roms... lol

Can I use just 1 6pin per GFX card? Will it affect my proformance? Should I look into a new PSU? lol

Never ending struggle.

TY much for you always as always

jmke 3rd July 2008 19:12

without both connectors performance of the card will be in "low" mode due to insufficient power. You can use Y-splitter for the 4-pin CDrom to salvage extra connectors

Proweedsmoker 3rd July 2008 20:06

Ok, Hope Im understanding this right.

With the Y connectors, I can connect both sides and use 1x side for the 6pin and 1 side for the roms? Kinda like a jump configuration. If I can do that, I will have enuff to power everything I believe.

jmke 3rd July 2008 20:10

I would make sure to split rails though. that you don't hook up all 6-pin to the same set of 4-pin molex.

The Y-splitter will allow you to add one extra 4-pin "per split";

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