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Sidney 16th October 2005 18:23

6600gt Sli
With second handed 6600GT cards filling eBay for about $100, will two in SLI for about $200 a better deal than having a single card over $400?

What is your take?

agent #2 16th October 2005 18:27

You can have a 6800GT new for +-230 (agp version). I thougt that a single 6800GT was beter then 2 6600GT's in SLI.

jmke 16th October 2005 18:37

only consider 6600gt if you already have SLI board and a first 6600GT, but prices are coming down lately of the Geforce 6 series; 6800GT might be more interesting

Sidney 16th October 2005 18:45

I modded the DFI Ultra D; which was easily done. Seeing 6600GT for less than $200 a pair at eBay, I was "thinking" out loud :)

jmke 16th October 2005 18:50

2x6600GT = $240
1x6800gt = $270

6600gt has no modding capacity, 6600gt can OC to Ultra speed with a bit of luck & unlock more pipes

your call :) but 1x6800gt is faster than 2x6600gt and uses less power

Sidney 16th October 2005 18:53


:) but 1x6800gt is faster than 2x6600gt and uses less power
That's what I need to know.;)

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