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UltraVolta425 23rd December 2009 20:42

37 inch display questions
Hey, guys :)

I was wondering... does playing games like... Unreal Tournament 3 (in short: UT3) work decently on a Full HD 1080p TV of 37 inch?

The reason I'm asking is: I'm planning to buy one, if the answer on the above question is yes; and using it as my PC's display.

I'm planning to buy the Philips 37" LCD-TV, with productcode: 37PFL5604H/12.
As a second part of my question: would you guys recommend me this TV, or do you have any objections/comments about this specific one?

And as a third, and probably most important part of my question: how will I get this TV to work with my PC? I see the TV has got an USB and a VGA connection. If I just plug an USB cable at one end, into my TV, and the other end into my PC, will it work then, or is there just much more to it than just that?

Please, your feedback would be appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance

Kougar 23rd December 2009 21:31

You can't use USB to transfer the video signal... VGA should work fine though. As long as it is a 1080p TV it should work fine, better question is how will you use the PC since it would need to be placed next to the TV. ;)

UltraVolta425 23rd December 2009 21:42

ah, so if I just put a VGA cable from my video card in my PC, to my 37" display, everything would work just the same, almost as if I'd plug in any normal LCD Monitor? :)

And don't worry about the placement. The desk I'm putting it on is twice as long, so there's even space enough for another (20") monitor, as well as my PC. :)

But so erm... you won't notice any difference between this TV and a normal LCD Monitor, right? Except it's gotten bloody much bigger, ofc. :-p

jmke 23rd December 2009 21:57

ugh, LCD for gaming, you have to go higher end if you don't want to have ghosting :)

UltraVolta425 23rd December 2009 22:03

jmke, what do you mean?

I currently have a normal 20 inch TFT (LCD) monitor, just thinking of buying a 37 inch in the future, but only if it works, and if it works decently. :)

jmke 23rd December 2009 22:24

LCD technology has latency, it takes too long to change images, you get ghosting, PC monitors are designed and build with very low latency in mind , especially those geared towards gamers; LCD TVs can get away with higher latencies due to the nature of the images displayed;

also the dots per inch will be higher on a TV, which is fine if you're using it as a TV screen, but when you go up close, you will notice this a lot more.

A 37" LCD TV with 1920x1080 resolution (in fact, even mainstream 100" TV come with maximum 1920x1080 resolution)
A 30" LCD Monitor comes with 2560x1600 resolution


UltraVolta425 23rd December 2009 22:33

well, unless I'm mistaken, for me, the big difference between a 30" LCD monitor and a 37" TV, is the price. ;)

JimmyJump 23rd December 2009 23:56


Originally Posted by UltraVolta425 (Post 251170)
well, unless I'm mistaken, for me, the big difference between a 30" LCD monitor and a 37" TV, is the price. ;)

The price, yes. But just like Jmke said, there's the case of the pixels per inch. I've seen some demonstrations at an Antwerp shop (FNAC Groenplaats) with bigscreen LCDs hooked-up to gaming PC's, and to be honest, while the quality was okay, you can't compare it to a 24" desktop monitor. The latter is much quicker to respond and has a crisp picture.
The bigscreen TVs (Sony, Philips, Samsung and LG; can't remember what types) paled in comparison. Very pixelated and ghosting to put Casper to shame.

You must remember that when seeing a bigscreen LCD in a shop, it's usually hooked-up to a blu-ray player, which gives the best quality one can dream of. Don't be fooled here. Playing games on that TV could be great when sitting at the other end of the (preferably rather spacious) room. When literaly sitting eye-to-eye with the thing, you'll be able to count the dots... :)

Kougar 24th December 2009 03:15

Dot pitch // pixels per inch... if you sit in front of a 37" TV as you would your 20" monitor, you might be sitting close enough to see individual pixels. That's because a 1080P TV basically takes a 1080 24" monitor and stretches the pixels out... I presumed you were going to use this at a distance, you should physically sit as close to the TV as you plan to use it before you buy. ;)

UltraVolta425 24th December 2009 07:43

oh, so the distance between me and the TV is of importance as well? Didn't know that. How much distance between me and the TV should there be then, approximately?

EDIT: JimmyJump, I checked the difference between this TV and a normal monitor, reactiontime-wise, and found this: TV: 5ms, Monitor: 2ms. Now, I don't know much about this kind of things, so I'll ask: is it much of a difference?

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