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blackf1ng3r 17th July 2006 13:59

6800 GT of those two - why not 7300 GS??

geoffrey 17th July 2006 15:20

I enjoyed my PCI-E 6800GT, but for AGP there seems to be a power problem. As AGP cards do not have the additional AGP->PCI-E bridge chip near the GPU, those cards run ~10C cooler then PCI-E models. But still, PCI-E overclocks better then AGP models, due to the power problem.
The ATI cards are very fast also, but I don't know if there are problems there.

RichBa5tard 17th July 2006 15:38

The X850Pro is a tiny bit faster i think.

jmke 17th July 2006 16:22

I would go for 6800GT, it's tried and proved to be quite the contender and has a technical advantage over the X800, 6 series supports SM 3.0 which is needed for some games (like Oblivion) to be able to play with HDR "on". The X800 series is lacking here and some games look less interesting.

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