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Crossing Guard 9th May 2005 22:02

who to trust...
i was told by other forums to look for videocards on ebay, cuz people wanna get new cards, and just sell their old ones to get rid of um
i don't use ebay often, so i dont know who to trust,
i saw dual evga nvidia 6600gts with sli setup for (current bid is) 128$$
but he only has 15 good ratings, and only like 4 are from sellers

help me out
theres this dude

and this dude

:huh: :huh: :shrug: :shrug:

kristos 9th May 2005 23:12

in my humble opinion they are both ok since they both have 100% good user feedback but sngo has way more feedback: over 500 trades without a hickup can't be a bad thing.

his cards are cheaper too

afaik, the evga's have 1.6ns memory but I think the asus' may also have 1.6ns memory so give the price AND the sellers rating, I'd go for the asus'.

Crossing Guard 10th May 2005 03:28

well i would take asus over evga, but i would take 100 bucks over $$600+ (?)

i just dont wanna buy it and then its broked er somethin
cuz that would suck and u cant get money back
and that sucks too.

Crossing Guard 10th May 2005 03:28


the dude that had the cheaper cards ended

cuz of buy it now

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