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RichBa5tard 4th June 2002 18:43

wanted: buyers for 80W pelts
I know most of ous have a phase changed cooling system, but almost none (yes Gamer, you do :) ) have a decent cooling setup for their vidcard.

Most "mad" OC'ers use a HČO & 80W pelt for their vidcard. Since they're pretty expensive in Be (€60 @ loveno) i was thinking of buying OPP's 480W waterchiller .

It has been on sale since april and isn't sold yet. It uses 6 80W pelts and we can get it for ~€150 incl shipping (that's €25 a piece ladies and gentlemen :) ). I'd buy it right away but 6 pelts seem a bit like an overkill. :)

Anyone from Benelux interested?

fredperry 4th June 2002 18:46

Well, I'm interested, but just can't tell you now if I'm in :(
(exams, money,...)
I'll let you know :)

The Senile Doctor 4th June 2002 18:50

how did he use this thing... 8 pelts??? where to put them...

no problem, I can finance this piece of equipent if needed. you make the deal, i pay the stuff, and we split it up afterwards.

RichBa5tard 4th June 2002 19:13

3 80 watt pelts on each site = water temps below 0C... *sweet*

Thank you for willing to finance it, if I could cough up the entire sum I'd pay it and sell those 80W pelts later, but I'm short on cash the 8500 accident. :)

I'm only interested in the pelts though, not in the slot 1 coldplates. I'm gonna ask whether he's willing to dismantle the thing and only ship the pelts, it would save quite a lot of shipping costs.

Keep you guys posted. :)

Gamer 4th June 2002 19:31

same here if needed.

The Senile Doctor 4th June 2002 19:37

just ask opp how much it would come shipped, if that's reasonable, we get the whole load!

RichBa5tard 4th June 2002 19:48


Overseas shipping is easy, I do it all the time to hong kong.
So shipping to Belgium is no prob. :)

I asked whether it's a big difference in s&h if he ships it without the coldplates. Can anyone do something usefull with those coldplates?

4 potential buyers (me, Calantak, Gamer, fredperry) in less than an hour, I guess 2 more wouldn't be hard to find. I'm gonna order it as soon as he replies. :)

RichBa5tard 4th June 2002 19:53

Just read that someone @B2OC wants to buy the last 2. :)

s&h costs 26$ which makes the total cost 151$ or €170 (€28 a pelt, still half the price of what we pay here.).

Package should arrive in 2-3 days :o

Neato, now I just got to figure out how pay pal works. :)

Gamer 4th June 2002 20:05

I'v got a 80 watt pelt, maybe next price for madshrimps ?

jmke 4th June 2002 20:13

need to change cooling to something with less air-movement :)

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