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Da_BoKa 3rd January 2005 12:40

hello there

i'm thinking of getting a visa card! is it true that there are no costs for youngsters with a visa ( i'm 20 in august and with the kbc )?

if not what are the costs?


DyNaRaX 3rd January 2005 12:51

I don't know how it works with KBC but with Argenta you get your card for free. You only need a regular income.

jmke 3rd January 2005 12:59

<25 of age = free VISA @ KBC

Da_BoKa 3rd January 2005 13:49

going to make a trip to the kbc :)

TeuS 3rd January 2005 14:40

I've got a KBC bank account. if it's so easy, I'll get one too :)

edit: request is being processed at the bank :)

kristos 3rd January 2005 19:11

I got a visa at KBC about a month ago, real easy but they had to upgrade my bankaccount and I'm not sure but I believe there was a max of 625 per month on it.

easypanic 3rd January 2005 19:26

The maximum of credit depends on your monthly wage ;).

kristos 3rd January 2005 19:53

wich is why I can spend so little :D

jmke 3rd January 2005 19:59


Originally posted by easypanic
The maximum of credit depends on your monthly wage ;).
not here; got much higher limit then my montly wage:)

easypanic 3rd January 2005 20:06

Yes, me 2 ;).

But if your wage should be a bit less, your limit will be a bit less. It's not equal to your wage , that what I'm trying to say ;).

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