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Da_BoKa 16th January 2005 23:25

vantec Tornado
where can i find some 92/120 mm vantec tornados ( or delta )

thx :smack:

Xploited Titan 12th February 2005 18:59

Uhm, if you don't dislike UK shops: overclock-store (or something like that, don't remember, they are linked to on the thermochill resellers page).

kristos 13th February 2005 02:12

Xploited Titan 13th February 2005 09:15

Found the site I was talking about:

kristos 13th February 2005 13:06

I checked yesterday but I didn't see any tornado's..

Delta's yes..

Xploited Titan 13th February 2005 13:20

He said "or Delta"...


Anyway, I don't see how he'll use them, cos one Delta alone (or Tornado) makes enough noise for people to hear it trough my home. I hope he has ear protections in his room :D

kristos 13th February 2005 13:29

12V-5V :D

Makes my delta, uhm, bearable :D

Xploited Titan 13th February 2005 20:08

I'm switching to watercooling because of a Delta fan :D

Da_BoKa 13th February 2005 22:28

already had WC :)
now it will only be used for benching, but i found my 2*120 mm TITAN fans back, they produce +- 140 cfm, so that ain't that bad ( i know a 80 mm delta does the same :) )

and if that ain't enough i have a fully metal 220v 120 mm fan lying around!!

Hove 23rd February 2005 19:37

Als je echt voor de tornado wil gaan (die zijn naam niet gestolen heeft, en delta's wegblaast), dan moet je eens naar gaan, ok, shipping uit de states, maar goedkoop ! (+ goedkope dollar)
om er eentje thuis te krijgen betaal je in het totaal 19,54 (waarvan 8,50 naar shipping gaat), dus das zeker niet zo duur !

mss als je iemand vindt om de shippingkosten te delen

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