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kristos 28th October 2004 18:44

transerfing goods and money overseas.
Since I wanted to buy weldzilla's proc, I have to get the money there. I got some questions in general also that don't directly relate to this deal with weldzilla but do relate to money transfers and the shipping of goods between the Belgium and (mostly) US and UK.

But... what are my options? what's safest? what's best money wise?

I just come from my bank (KBC) and it's actually not that hard I think ( I need name and address of the seller and name and address of his bank and the bic (=swift) number of his bank) but, it' costs quite a few extra bucks if I want to get the money there in $ (the person I spoke too in the bank didn't know what it'd cost extra but I remember paying 20 extra when I transfered some money to the UK in ) so let's asume it's 20 extra just because it has to be in $. then it's 3 extra for the paperwork and 0.1% on the amount in with a minimum of 6. that's 31 down the drain !! in my humble opinion that's unaxeptable.

then there's visa... I don't have a visa card yet, but I ordered one at the bank. I believe using a visa through paypal or to pay at online webshops to be quite safe but it's no more then a thought. How safe is it really?

the person at the bank also would look into "banksafe". all I know about this is you get this little device you have to hook up to your pc and you can place your bankcard in it but I don't know if it'll allow me to transfer money to the US (in fact I very much doubt that it will).

I believe there's also something by the post called postordercheque i think but I haven't been by the post to ask how that works, what it would cost extra and again, I don't know how safe it would be.

and then offcourse I could just send the money "hidden" :^D in a birthday-type card but there's just no inssurance there...

are there other options?

and then sending stuff over and back to the US or the UK to name the most important ones (for me).

I have no idea whatsoever on what my options are here...

any and all help would be greatly appreciated :)

Sidney 28th October 2004 18:59

The best is using Paypal.

FreeStyler 28th October 2004 19:01

paypal would be the best and cheapest option probably.

Banksafe is just a device for online banking and proton recharge.

international money transfers do indeed cost a lot. Last I heard it was 30 to the UK for a measily sum of 50 to be paid.

WeldZilla 30th October 2004 00:11

Kristos, my sister has an online business. I will contact her and see if she will help us here, I believe she has a pay pal setup. Perhaps she can advise us on the best way to do this. I will contact her this evening and post the info here. could be helpful to many people.


WeldZilla 30th October 2004 00:21

On my end I have found the best way to send it is through the US mail. evryone else wants a fortune for shipping it. I would guess we would be looking at 8 american dollars each. If it comes to more I will cover it. hopefully this will work out for us. No answer at my sister's yet.


kristos 30th October 2004 12:45

thanks for the update although I really feel you shouldn't pay the extra cost if there is any involved. I feel you shouldn't get less money out of this because of the extra cost and hassle involved in shipping overseas.

Laagvliegerke 19th January 2005 18:42

Last year, I wanted to transfer money to the US. The bank told me it would cost me +/- 50 just to transfer it to the US. Maybe more because I'm sure the US-bank also wanted a piece of the money :grum:

Sidney 19th January 2005 18:59

Hate to sound like an old man .... 90 year-old man.

1) Paypal is the best and most secure.
2) I agree USPS is the best and most reliable.

geoffrey 2nd February 2005 10:15

When i buyed me TEC in the US, i send the money hidden in an white paper. No problems, bus still little stress as it is not quite safe :)

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