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vegeta 12th June 2002 14:23

THumbscrews where to buy?
yes i'm looking for some thumbscrews, those handy thingies you'll find on several lian-li cases. i already have 4 of them, but me want more (for my pci-slots). i'll found them at, the only thing that stops me is the price:puke: , 1.25/a piece:wtf:

so does anyone know where i can buy them cheap?

(gewoon mijn engels aant oefene:D)

TeuS 12th June 2002 15:46

got 2 for sale here

TerAngreal 12th June 2002 16:32

location = antwerp aye ... waar juist?

zal strax 's kijken of'k er hier nog op overschot heb liggen

DJ-EviL 12th June 2002 16:40

English please

i think this is cheap ??

vegeta 12th June 2002 17:32

wow, :ws: dj evil :ws:

i've just sent a mail whether they ship overseas.
a bag of 100 pieces looks enough for the moment
:^D :^D

@ TA: i'm from deurne somewhere between merksen,borgerhout en wommelgem, but currently i'm in leuven,have an exam on saturday:grum:

TerAngreal 12th June 2002 19:06

well, let me know by next week if you 're in need of some extra thumbscrews ...

think i've gots a spare two or so :^)

RichBa5tard 12th June 2002 19:11

Just buy a few thousand and offer them for sale at the tones forum for 25 cents a piece, they'll drop their prices asap. :^)

Hehe, that's what I did with the 120mm papst fans... worked like a charm. :D

TerAngreal 12th June 2002 19:15

you evil, evil man :ws:

vegeta 12th June 2002 19:21

pffff, just recieved a mail. :grum:

Sorry, we don't ship international.

Best Byte Computers
tel 281-829-9714
fax 281-829-9715

other alternatives are welcome, maybe shops in the uk,germ or holland
@TA: if i don't get my hands on a bunch of them,
i'll contact u

DJ-EviL 12th June 2002 21:12

damn :(
i gonna look for another one

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