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Rufio 24th February 2004 02:58

voor mensen die moesten geďnteresseerd zijn...

ik doe 2x256 MB RIMM 800 MHZ RIMM SAMSUNG modules weg...

dit niet omdat er schade aan is ofzo...

maar mijn MSI moederbord heeft het begeven... en probeer nu toch nog iets op de RIMM terug te winnen... zou leuk zijn als ik deze toch van de hand zou kunnen krijgen.

moest er iemand geďnteresseerd zijn dus de prijs is 100 €, maar er valt nog over te discussďeren dus er kan gerust nog iets van de prijs :)

80 € is dus wel de minimumprijs, ge moogt mij pm'en met voorstellen :)

pm'en mag altijd, i.v.m met ruilen, sta open voor vanalles...
ge kunt maar ne keer vrage :)

iets meer specificaties:



General Description 
The Rambus® RIMM™ module is a general purpose high-performance memory module suitable for use
in a broad range of applications including computer memory, personal computers, workstations, and other applications
where high bandwidth and low latency are required.

The Rambus RIMM module consists of 128Mb/144Mb Direct Rambus DRAM devices.
These are extremely high-speed CMOS DRAMs organized as 8M words by 16 or 18 bits.
The use of Rambus Signaling Level (RSL) technology permits 600 MHz, 711 MHz or 800 MHz transfer rates while using conventional system and board design technologies.
RDRAM devices are capable of sustained data transfers at 1.25 ns per two bytes (10ns per 16 bytes).

The RDRAM architecture enables the highest sustained bandwidth for multiple, simultaneous, randomly addressed, memory transactions.
The separate control and data buses with independent row and column control yield over 95% bus efficiency.
The RDRAM's 32-bank architecture supports up to four simultaneous transactions per device.
High speed 800 RDRAM storage
184 edge connector pads with 1mm pad spacing
Maximum module PCB size : 133.35mm x 31.75mm x 1.27mm(5.25" x 1.25" x 0.05")
Each RDRAM has 32 banks, for a total of 512, 384, 256, 192, or 128 banks on each
256/288MB, 192/216MB, 128/144MB, 96/108MB, or 64/72MB module respectively
Gold plated edge connector pad contacts
Serial Presence Detect(SPD) support
Operates from a 2.5 volt supply (±5%)
Powerdown self refresh modes
Separate Row and Column buses for higher efficiency
µ-BGA package type (62 Balls)


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