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Massman 22nd January 2008 18:22

TCCD memory
Need a set do run some tests on the Asrock 4coredual-vsta motherboard :). I prefer 2x512MB.

If possible just to lend me a set for a few weeks ... I'd be so much more pleased :D

geoffrey 22nd January 2008 22:17

kristos maybe, but I think he got rid of his DRAM stock allready few years ago.

piotke 22nd January 2008 23:30

The madshrimps stock will provide you with please 2 * 512 Mb Adata Viteste DDR600 for a few weeks. The fastest DDR1 ever introduced. As far as I know.

MSN me.

Massman 23rd January 2008 09:59

Thanks Piotr. Does these do 300MHz at cas 2,5 ?

jmke 23rd January 2008 10:23

CL2.5 up to 295 Mhz on S754 platform at least;) 58

Massman 23rd January 2008 17:43

S754 had crappy memory controllers afaik, so it should do a bit better. Was the voltage raised (tccd only likes upto 2,8v though)?

jmke 23rd January 2008 18:00

# Maximum FSB was searched while using 2.7v with these memory timings:

# CL2 2-2-10
# CL2.5 3-3-10
# CL3 4-4-10

Massman 23rd January 2008 20:37

Missed the voltage sentence, my bad :)

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