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TBred keychain
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Old 3rd September 2002, 21:27   #1
[M] Reviewer/HWBot *****
Join Date: May 2002
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RichBa5tard Freshly Registered
Default TBred keychain

Ok, i'm going mad over here. Last week: dead Ti4600 which I payed €85 customs for, 300$ on a paypal account I can't acces and now *tada* A DEAD TBRED XP2200+! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!:ween:

I bought this for a friend 2 week ago, he cancelled the deal when the proc arrived (oh jolly good fun, i was stuck with a 250$ proc). Luckely I found a buyer yesterday who was willing to give 200$ for it (only 50$ loss...). I wanted to be sure the proc was in working order, so I tested it. No screen at boot... hmm? Weird smell... hmm? Oh ****. Heatsink was properly attached, but there was a drop of AS3 smeared over several bridge. These a black spot at the back of the cpu now... so it's dead for sure. Looks like this is going to be one hell of an expensive keychain. :grum: :grum:
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Old 3rd September 2002, 21:40   #2
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oh, man !!! Talking about bad luck

And I was constantly thinking where I would get the money, because I really wanted to buy it from you.

I feel with you.
Old 3rd September 2002, 21:50   #3
Join Date: May 2002
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DUR0N Freshly Registered

ASIII is only conductive in extreme pressure and heat conditions...

i give you €10 for it
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Old 3rd September 2002, 22:23   #4
[M] Reviewer
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Join Date: May 2002
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biCker Freshly Registered

to do list:

1) kill friend who let you down
2) kill yourself for ordering such an expensive piece that isn't payed for by the "friend"
3) kill yourself again for doubting a piece you already tested isn't working anymore
4) feel very sorry for yourself
5) don't kill me for writing all this
6) have free beers with me all friday night on mē (hell,i'll pay free beers for all the other [M] crew members; offer last till I fall down drunk )

bad luck RB, hope this was the last piece of hw that died on you for the next 20 years...

edit: someone might want to print this out in case i should forget it...
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Old 3rd September 2002, 23:39   #5
Bosw8er's Avatar
Join Date: May 2002
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Bosw8er Freshly Registered

good news =

sorry to hear that RB ... should have never picked such a nick
"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."
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Old 3rd September 2002, 23:55   #6
[M] Reviewer/HWBot *****
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 3,344
RichBa5tard Freshly Registered

Looks like it wasn't AS3 that killed it, but a drop of silverpaint. I had been unlocking a XP proc just before I installed the tbred. Hmmz... got to be more carefull next time.

@duron: €10? If you're serious I might actually sell it, since because things aren't looking very bright financially. :^/

@Bicker: I'll make sure you keep your word on #6

"Mad mod" doesn't seem to be authorized to change nicks. Just call me "PB" the next few months.

I just realized that about every expensive piece of hardware I bought second hand died after a few hours of use. R8500, Ti4600, Tbred (okey, the last one was prolly my fault). Hmmm... this makes me pretty sceptic about second hand stuff. :^/
HTPC (mac osx): Mac Mini | Core Duo 1.6Ghz | 2GB DDR2 | 26\" TFT
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Games (win xp): E2160 @ 2.4Ghz | HD3850 OC | Asrock 4coredual-vsta | 2GB DDR2
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Old 4th September 2002, 11:35   #7
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i'll give €15 for your dead cpu (help u a litlle with your financiel situation)

and how many pieces of hardware have you killed untill now??
-gf1 ddr
-gf4 Ti 4600 (can't u rma it?)
-radeon 8500Le (can't u rma it too, they only didn't want to change it cos it hasn't had a standard cooler on it?)
-Tbred cpu

your such a unlucky bastard, you killed more hw than u have saved (cfr. waterincident where drained your mobo and cpu)
Old 4th September 2002, 12:49   #8
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wohhoo I'm in !

Old 4th September 2002, 13:10   #9
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€20 ,need a cool keychain (it's look like it is an expensive one)
i can pick it up 2day or 2morrow
if someone has another sell it's dead xp i'll buy his
Old 4th September 2002, 13:39   #10
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