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Desert Eagle 3rd October 2006 23:03

SLI Bridge
I'm running 2 7800GT's in SLI on a P5W DH Deluxe with a mod. driver (85.96)

Now i'm searching for a sli-bridge to connect the 2 cards, for better performance .

Its something like this:

Does somebody got one like that wich he doesn't use?


Massman 12th January 2007 21:08

If you PM DFI, you might get a SLI bridge if you pay for it ;) (+- 10$)

easypanic 13th January 2007 11:56

hehe, still have it :D

and totally don't use it :D

jmke 13th January 2007 12:41

Desert Eagle's from Belgium:)

jort 13th January 2007 13:54

herk de stad to be correct ;)

jmke 13th January 2007 14:01

he has brown hair!

easypanic 13th January 2007 14:11

and a good looking sister perhaps? :D

jmke 13th January 2007 14:12

jort 13th January 2007 17:00

i Tought he was bald :p:

Desert Eagle 13th January 2007 17:07

Bald? Lol, that was in my younger days :-)


ps, got a sli bridge allready, but going for a 680i mobo

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