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EdMeister 28th November 2004 15:47

Shops in USA?
I'm looking for some decent USA-shops. I only know the sponsored links on THG, Anandtech, etc. (like newegg) but I'm not completely sure if they are the cheapest available.

Possibility for shipping to Europe isn't necessary, since my sister-in-law (who studies in Jacksonville, Florida) is coming to Belgium in a few weeks.

kristos 28th November 2004 17:52

those are the big guns but with good reason...

EdMeister 28th November 2004 18:06

Thx! That should do it...

jmke 28th November 2004 18:18

EdMeister 28th November 2004 22:01

Hmm, apparently none of these sites accept credit cards from non-usa residents...

Sidney 29th November 2004 00:08

I have dealt with the first three Kristos mentioned plus

They all have excellent customer service and fast delivery. For my take, at a few dollars more I still would buy from; great Company to deal with.

EdMeister 29th November 2004 00:43

Still, no european credit cards... too bad.

Sidney 29th November 2004 01:20

Use Paypal.:)

EdMeister 29th November 2004 20:34

It will take my sister-in-law to complete the order, since they won't accept my European address.

Still, some doubts on what to buy: PNY GeFORCE 6800GT 256MB DDR3 for $368 @ Gameve or MSI or eVGA @ Newegg. Any advice?

easypanic 29th November 2004 20:48

Does newegg ship to .be?

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