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what ho! 11th July 2006 10:55

shops in Belgium
hidy ho!

I wanted to know where I can buy new components for good prices in Belgium. Preferably, I would like to be able to visit the shop or at the very least be able to talk to the people in charge.

The components I'm looking for are a s754 motherboard with pci-e (main choice: asus k8n4-e) and a 7600gt (main choice: evga 7600gt).
I've had good experiences with asus, and with evga I would be able to replace the fan without losing the warranty.

Shops close to Brussels are prefered, but I wouldn't mind driving as far as Antwerp.

(the computer I have now came from, a shop that I obviously trust but they don't have egva 7600gt)

jmke 11th July 2006 11:41


wutske 11th July 2006 15:45 is somewhere in or around Brussels (I don't know if it's still that good, it's been years ago since I've bought something overthere).

I do recommend forcom, it's almost as cheap (or cheaper) than some german shop :ws:

what ho! 11th July 2006 17:03

a lot of browsing to do now! :D

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