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Bosw8er 17th May 2005 22:22

Second hand laptop shop / trade
I have a celeron 566 compaq laptop that works flawlessly. But i need a laptop with a better screen, longer battery life and a little more power.

Is there a shop/reseller giving deals when trading in your second hand laptop ?
Are there any shops (in my case .be) dealing in second hand laptops ?

RichBa5tard 18th May 2005 12:02

I've got an IBM Thinkpad A30 to spare (1Ghz P3 0.13u, 512mb ram, 1400x1050 tft), but the videochip is damaged which is why it only works well in linux. Battery is dead too...

Bosw8er 18th May 2005 18:08

Nice, new battery is about 100 eur

Linux shouldn't be a problem ... at first sight. But i don't have the time to loose huge amounts of time configuring/installing the simplest of apps/connections/hardware/... and i'm pretty sure that WILL happen.

RichBa5tard 18th May 2005 20:56

Ah correction, after spending 100 euro for a new laptop battery i noticed the battery wasn't the problem, but the batteryloader on the motherboard was defect.

OS is optimized linux gentoo. Hard to install but easy to maintain.

Search apps to install: # emerge -s <appname>
Install app: # emerge <appname>
Remove app: # emerge -C <appname>
Update all apps: # emerge world

I don't want to sell it to you before you've tried it. I had a great time using it for office / internet / light programming (fast enough, very silent, good tft), but it has some obvious defects and i don't want you to be unhappy either. : )

Bosw8er 19th May 2005 10:36

Thanks for the effort and the honnesty. But the laptop will be used mainly "unplugged" ... so the faulty battery loader is a no go.
Will keep in touch anyway. Next week i'm starting on the description of the calendar app.

quarantaine 28th May 2005 16:54

what do you still want for the laptop? i'm maybe interested.
i want to use it for next year (with linux) and a desktop is to clumsy to handle.

the screen is 15" sxga, isn't it? the videocard can be changed (long term thinking)

RichBa5tard 28th May 2005 20:53

I think 200 euro would be fair.

I don't think you can change the videocard without replacing the motherboard. If you run linux it's not really necessary to fix the videocard. You barely notice the flaws when using a default vesa driver.

Not sure about the screen, but it's 1400x1050, 15". Nice quality, sharp, but has a row dead, red, pixels on the left side near the edge.

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