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Senti 29th November 2004 15:47

SD RAM Geheugen... PC100 !
looking for :
SD RAM Geheugen... PC100 !
not pc133!



agent #2 29th November 2004 16:08

Heb een latje van 64 MB hier liggen. Van Hyundai.

Xploited Titan 29th November 2004 18:58

Re: SD RAM Geheugen... PC100 !

Originally posted by Senti
looking for :
SD RAM Geheugen... PC100 !
not pc133!



Backwards compatiblity, never heard of? ;)

jmke 29th November 2004 19:02

not all PC133 works at PC100, ever experienced it? he did :)

[Bonbon] 29th November 2004 19:10

pc100 can operate at pc66 ,
pc133 can't always do that

TeuS 29th November 2004 19:12

i've had pc100 that didn't work at pc 66 :p
pc133 did work though

(compaq PC btw)

jmke 29th November 2004 19:14

it's a hit and miss scenario, so to be sure he's asking PC100 =)

Xploited Titan 29th November 2004 20:15

Ok, I apologize then, I never had trouble with my computers though. :D (Well, exception made for some problems hindering me from finishing them now :^D )

agent #2 16th December 2004 18:30

Pff, I hate it when they don't show up anymore. :rolleyes:

jmke 16th December 2004 18:40


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