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DJ-EviL 6th June 2002 22:36

For Sale: "Pinnaclesys Studio PCTV RAVE"
Great Fun and TV on your PC with this Studio PCTV RAVE pci card :)

what you get:

-the original box
-the software
-the pci card itself
-the manual
-pci-->coax connector
-sound output connector

reason:my pc is in another room now (there´s no cable in it)
by the way: quality of the tv on your pc is magnificent !

Start The BIDDING !!!

RichBa5tard 6th June 2002 22:41

One dumb *** question:

Has it a radio function too? :)

vegeta 7th June 2002 00:14

i think that only the pinnacle PCTV pro has a radio-function.

DJ-EviL 7th June 2002 18:52

Nope it does not have radio function
BUT: i THINK ! you can buy an add-on to connect to the card and when connected then you can listen to the radio

GORGH 7th June 2002 21:22

€ 5

DJ-EviL 7th June 2002 22:03

:grum: normal bids please :grum:

price in shops ==> 69€

GORGH 7th June 2002 22:08

whats your min-price?

DJ-EviL 8th June 2002 02:22

used things are the price of it / 2

69/2 = 35
BUT :) i am a very kewl guy so 25 is ok for me

RichBa5tard 8th June 2002 02:37

If I had tv-distrobution here I'd buy it asap. :)

TeuS 8th June 2002 09:37

n00b question:
how do you get the coax cable to the pc? somewhere a cable in the garage?
i'll WONT break the wall open!

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