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kristos 1st October 2004 19:09

RMA'ed cpu
Hey, my new proc finally got back after RMA'ing my other one (a P4c 2.8 M0).

Now if it's not another M0 wich is very likely then I'd rather trade it in for a P4e 3.2 so I can try that multiplier 14 thingy with the asus bios but the problem is they only give me 100 for the 2.8 and a 3.0 prescott would cost me 160 and they don't even have a 3.2 in stock + I don't know what it would cost me (would 180 be a safe bet?).

So what should I do in the latter case, keep my new 2.8 and sell it off seccond hand and buy a 3.2 or trade the 2.8 + cash for a 3.2?
Howmuch would I can I expect to get for the 2.8 northwood?

PS: Don't spam me about where I get them at that price, that's BTW exclu, I just don't know what they'd cost BTW inclu ;)

Sidney 1st October 2004 19:29

I'm sure if you 2.8C could hit 270 FSB, it will commend for more money.:)

kristos 1st October 2004 22:07

so what you're saying is: keep the proc, see what it does, if it OC's well, all the better :) ?

Well, I suppose I will be able to sell it for at least 100 good OC'er or not so maybe best if I take it eather way :)

jmke 2nd October 2004 01:10

CPU's usually don't sell at higher price for OC, unless they are outrageously high (the OC that is)

kristos 2nd October 2004 01:52

bottomline, can I get 100 or more for it or not? :)

jmke 2nd October 2004 01:53

100 should be feasable

agent #2 2nd October 2004 10:37

I got 85 from my 2,6 c.

kristos 2nd October 2004 12:27

hmmm, that's not to reassuring, I guess I'll have a look if it's an M0 and if it isn't, I'll be trading it in for a prescott :/

Makaveli7 7th October 2004 22:22

you should sell it on as components sell for much higher (to my annoyance). I've seen second hand P4 2.8's go for 120 - 150 = ~ EUR 200-220. You would stand to make a packet

kristos 7th October 2004 22:24

That's insane, that's more then they cost in the shop :wtf:

They have to be great overclockers in that case...

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