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easypanic 12th October 2005 20:09

P4c800 bios chip
As vegeta sold me a p4c800 with a bad bios chip , I'm in need of a new one ofcourse.

Anyone with a bad mobo with a bios chip in it?

jmke 12th October 2005 20:14

can't you return it to the person that sold you the board in the 1st place?

Gamer 12th October 2005 20:20

sell the board to me :)

easypanic 12th October 2005 21:24

Well, I want to keep this board as it is equipped with all the mods you can think off :).

I'll search first for a chip, then return or sell it.

Sidney 12th October 2005 21:54

That means you don't know if the board will work or not:)

petervandamned 12th October 2005 22:08

U can email asus
They give great support
A few euro for the postings and you have a new one

easypanic 13th October 2005 06:29


Originally posted by lazyman
That means you don't know if the board will work or not:)
It works, but half of the time I have to reflash the BIOS :(.

easypanic 16th October 2005 19:58

Everything ok, flashing to BIOS 1024 did the trick :D.

Gamer 11th November 2005 17:50

got one here,
from a dead mobo so if anyone still needs it....

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