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unseen 31st January 2009 12:46

Overclocking-Gaming auctions
Hi guys

First of all thanks a lot madshrimps and massaman for letting me post here!

The last months i am working on an auction project site in which the main idea is buying and selling overclocking/gaming stuff. I dont know about you but for me even if i am and an addicted ebay user sometimes i find it extremely difficult to spot the correct hardware for my needs. And when i say needs i mean for example, pretested cpu, or a cheap pot or a pair of good old vgas.... you know things like that.

So I made

My hope is after a few months all the overclockers will list the stuff that they want to sell there.

I don't know if it will work but i wanted to give it a try.
I want to say that the site is 100% free and there is no hidden fees at all.

If you have hardware that you don't need anymore just register and list . It will be easier for all of us.

Thanks a lot!

Ps.I will put a madshrimps banner at night in ocbay

jmke 1st February 2009 15:37

good luck with the site:)

unseen 1st February 2009 15:41

You guys are so good with me!

Thanks a lot for your post!

geoffrey 1st February 2009 19:17

Great! Succes with your site ;)

leeghoofd 9th February 2009 09:06

I'm grabbing Bill's E8600 :woot:

unseen 9th February 2009 16:54

It's good to see that it starts working :)

Keep listing !!

unseen 1st March 2009 12:35

Aloha :D

Added in ocbays first page rss feed news from madshrimps. :woot:
I hope im not causing any problem :)

jmke 1st March 2009 13:05

thanks unseen, much appreciated; what RSS URL did you use? I think straight from the forum, right? Can you try to parse: instead? :)

unseen 2nd March 2009 20:41

hi mate :)

Yes this is the one I am using :woot:

nigel 3rd March 2009 12:47

hmm this is intresting :D

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