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Da_BoKa 7th February 2006 22:04

ocz powerstream
Does anyone knows a belgian shop where they sell the ocz powerstream 520watt?

can't seem to find any, only the modstreams.

jort 7th February 2006 23:48

normaly i have a powerstream back soon.

it is a 520W unused, returning from rma.

i'll call them tomorrow and i'll contact you if you don't mind;)

i want to sell it because my rig is sold, and you are searching one so everybody is happy:D

its from hofline :)

Da_BoKa 8th February 2006 08:52

That would be great.

Send an email to if you know more!


jort 8th February 2006 20:42

damn the rma dude wasn't there, tomorrow i'll call again.

i'll mail you ;)

jort 9th February 2006 16:31


called today and the guy said ocz stopped with selling powerstream psu's in europe.

sorry da boka;)

jmke 9th February 2006 16:34

I got the same news from Bytes@Work

they had too much problems with RMA; PowerStream only in US now

jort 9th February 2006 16:45

whats the brother brand of the powerstream psu's? variable v-rails,split rails, etc...

not that i am going to buy one but just curious:)

jmke 9th February 2006 16:45

brother brand?


jort 9th February 2006 16:50


Originally posted by jmke
brother brand?


i mean the replacement:D

jmke 9th February 2006 16:52


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