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Jolan 1st December 2006 19:31

Northbridge heatsink for Abit NF7-s
Hi, I'm upgrading an old system to be a supersilent rig, and when I tried out if the motherboard still worked, I noticed the northbridge fan being obnoxiously loud (si-97 + nexus 92mm = silent as ****, though ^^). So, I'm looking for a northbridge heatsink that'll passively cool my northbridge, and possibly some glue-ish thermal paste to stick it on too. I'm asking here because a) since most shops in the area don't even have fan guards, I doubt they'll have this, and b) the sooner I can get it, the better.

So, is there anyone in the area of Antwerp who can sell me a northbridge heatsink with adhesive paste (and possibly a southbridge heatsink too, it tended to crackle a bit when temps got high enough)? Thanks.

piotke 1st December 2006 20:57

just unplug it, problem solved.

THe NF2 chipset really doesn't get that hot.

wutske 1st December 2006 22:06

I replaced mine with a Zalman NB32J (you'll probably find the NB47J in shops now), it works great, but I do suggest using the push pins that came with the motherboard. One of the zalman pushpins broke of resulting in 0 cooling on the NB (it easily survived 1 hours of FlightSim), luckily the other survived :)

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