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didimododi 15th March 2004 22:18

New Modding Shop Region Kortrijk (heule)
As the topic says, there is a new modding/hardware shop in region kortrijk (heule), it's called The Shop Heule, the website is here: click click

more info mail to HERE

or you can ask questions here in this topic

Greetz The Shop Heule

didimododi 15th March 2004 22:39

can a modo correct the word in the name of the topic to "modding" instead of moddong,

if done, delete thes post,


The Shop Heule

TeuS 15th March 2004 22:53

how far is the-shop heule from Kinepolis / Katho?

FoRCe 16th March 2004 07:02

lijkt verdacht veel op uit menen :)

jmke 16th March 2004 08:47

the owners know each other, gave them permission to re-use the banner :)

easypanic 17th March 2004 11:45


Originally posted by TeuS
how far is the-shop heule from Kinepolis / Katho?
If you have a car : 5 min if you take "de ring" to Heule.
By bike: 25 minutes through Kortrijk.

-Gino- 17th March 2004 17:53

'k vind die webpage toch meer lijkt op Hofline
en in mindere mate op comtechnology

jmke 17th March 2004 17:55

uhm.. .. is a free webshop packet, sites who use it can only do "so much" modifications to make it unique.. in the end the backbone is the same, and you will have a websites with the same looks :)

The Senile Doctor 17th March 2004 18:27

please update that shoppage, because there really are only very few products for sale...

NipSo 27th April 2004 20:58

I posted that too on the-shop main forum ... they answered me, that once they put 2000 boards on the page, someone would ask for another ...

well maybe true ... but I don't like that
/me wants to see what they have in store without contacting the shop-owner

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